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London Cargo Bike Festival 2023: The Ultimate Celebration of Sustainable Transportation

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

At BHL Metal, we are proud to be a part of the growing community of environmentally conscious individuals and organizations that are dedicated to creating a better world for future generations. One of the events that we look forward to every year is the London Cargo Bike Festival, a celebration of sustainable transportation that brings together people from all over the city to learn, share, and connect. At the London Cargo Bike Festival, we tried out some amazing ebikes and loved every minute of it. Check out these photos and video of us cruising around the event.

A banner with a robot and a machine advertises BHL, an award-winning automotive OEM fabricator and metal and contract manufacturer. The banner lists the following services: tooling design, high pressure die casting, metal stamping, robotic welding, spot welding, pipe bending, and turning.


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